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Solo & Ensemble Contest...

Solo & Ensemble Contest

The Solo and Ensemble Contest (SEC) is open to all band levels including Cadets. This annual event is generally held in the latter part of March. The SEC is not a competition between band members. Each soloist or ensemble is judged on their personal performance that day with level of experience taken into consideration. Whether an individual event is open or closed to observers is up to the participant or ensemble members.

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WSHSB Patriot Marching Band

For marching, the WSHSB is also known as "The Patriots." Patriots attend marching camp in June and average five parades in the summer.

WSHSB Winter Concert

With two concerts per year, our winter concert is usually held at the end of January. Concerts are FREE admission with open seating. Check our Music Resource page to listen to past concerts.

WSHSB Patriot Marching Band

Marching trimester is voluntary and open to current WSHSB members and NON-members. This includes experienced musicians who are welcome to join us for the summer marching trimester. For more details see our Summer Marching page.

WSHSB Spring Concert

Our second concert of the year is generally held mid to late May. Come hear our Junior, Senior, and Symphonic bands separately and combined.

West Suburban Home School Band

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The West Suburban Home School Band, or WSHSB in short, follows the model of a community band and includes all wind instruments, woodwinds and brass, as well as a full percussion section. There are no stringed instruments ...more

WSHSB Member's News

Member's News has the link to the weekly Rehearsal Notes PDF and for quick reference, Important Dates and Deadlines and the Sectional Chart are included. Download  the weekly Rehearsal Notes for the week's practice assignments and more.



To join the WSHSB a student must be home schooled. Those interested in joining the WSHSB, at any level but Cadet, must submit an audition video. Recommended minimum age for any level is nine. There are four skill levels to consider...more

Solo and Ensemble Contest
WHAT IS THE  SEC (Solo and Ensemble Contest)
Our annual Solo and Ensemble Contest is an exciting and much anticipated musical event held on a Saturday, generally in February or March. ALL band members, Cadet through Symphonic, are encouraged to participate in the SEC. Students have the opportunity to prepare solos and/or ensembles of their choice and perform them for a judge who then rates their performance. There is no competition, rather; students strive for their personal best. Judges decisions are final.
    23rd Annual WSHSB Solo and Ensemble Contest
Saturday, March 16, 2024, time 9 - @2:30, arrivals start 8:30
                                             Christ Presbyterian Church
                                         903 E. Nerge Rd., Roselle 60172
                        CONCESSIONS WILL BE AVAILABLE.
                                Everything will be on a “donation” basis.
                                    ALL donations must be NUT-FREE
                        See Rehearsal Notes for concessions information
                             including Sign-up Genius link for donations.
                                   Link will be available by February 15.
                            All money received goes to support the band.

                                                Please read carefully.
All entries should not exceed FIVE minutes

       SEC Online registration starts November 30 and will end
    January 11, 2024.
     Use this link  SEC REGISTRATION LINK

You must indicate Solo or Ensemble on the registration. If Ensemble is chosen, the form will then allow spaces for all participants’ names, etc.

****A confirmation email will be sent for each entry to the main contact provided.
****You must also print all your applicable Judging Sheet(s) from the following list and complete the top section with your information.
         1. SEC Wood/Brass Solo

         2. SEC Wood/Brass Ensemble

         3. SEC Percussion Solo

         4. SEC Percussion Ensemble

****Fees are $4 per person (excluding adults) whether solo or ensemble. If the form is not showing $4, REFRESH the form and it should then be correct and show $4.
****Required SEC Fees are payable at the front table at band. Payment by check is preferred. All fees must be turned-in with your completed Judging sheet(s) in a business-sized envelope with your name and the name of the piece you or your group are performing. No change for cash can be made at band.
****Only one person should register for an entire ensemble. That one person should collect the ensemble fee from each student (not adults), complete the Ensemble Judging Sheet, and turn all in, in one envelope.

DEADLINE for ALL fees and completed Judging Sheet(s) is February 15, 2024.
No one will be scheduled until all their fee(s) and completed Judging Sheet(s) are received.

All solos must have accompaniment  While the only acceptable instrument is piano, a CD is allowed. Solos without accompaniment will be allowed to perform, but will be judged for comments only and no award will be given. IMPORTANT: Participants using recorded accompaniment will need to supply their own Bluetooth speaker or CD player


 It is of the utmost importance that participants carefully read
          the SEC Rules
found here  SEC Rules 

      For further information about out what to prepare prior to the SEC
      as well as what to do and expect that day
       including proper conduct and etiquette pointers
              use this
link → SEC Helpful Tips          

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