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When marching the WSHSB is known as "The Patriots"

The marching trimester is voluntary. It is open to current WSHSB members and non-members alike. We need both musicians and non-musicians. Experienced musicians, thinking about joining the band in the fall, may participate in the summer marching trimester, before they submit an audition video.

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WSHSB Patriot Marching Band

For marching, the WSHSB is also known as "The Patriots." Patriots attend marching camp in June and average five parades in the summer.

WSHSB Winter Concert

With two concerts per year, our winter concert is usually held at the end of January. Concerts are FREE admission with open seating. Check our Music Resource page to listen to past concerts.

WSHSB Patriot Marching Band

Marching trimester is voluntary and open to current WSHSB members and NON-members. This includes experienced musicians who are welcome to join us for the summer marching trimester. For more details see our Summer Marching page.

WSHSB Spring Concert

Our second concert of the year is generally held mid to late May. Come hear our Junior, Senior, and Symphonic bands separately and combined.

West Suburban Home School Band

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The West Suburban Home School Band, or WSHSB in short, follows the model of a community band and includes all wind instruments, woodwinds and brass, as well as a full percussion section. There are no stringed instruments ...more

WSHSB Member's News

Member's News has the link to the weekly Rehearsal Notes PDF and for quick reference, Important Dates and Deadlines and the Sectional Chart are included. Download  the weekly Rehearsal Notes for the week's practice assignments and more.



To join the WSHSB a student must be home schooled. Those interested in joining the WSHSB, at any level but Cadet, must submit an audition video. Recommended minimum age for any level is nine. There are four skill levels to consider...more



For those not currently WSHSB members
Summer Marching Commitment
Marching Camps
Regarding Marching Camp
     Location of Marching Camp
Prompt Pick-up Please
     Camp Dates and Descriptions
Forms, Fees and More
Dress Code for ALL

Marching Commands, Etc.
What about bad weather?
Parade Dates, Etc.

Reminder for current WSHSB members

Marching Trimester
For marching, the WSHSB is also known as “The Patriots”. The marching trimester is voluntary and open to current WSHSB members and non-members alike.
We need both musicians and non-musicians. Experienced musicians, whether or not they are thinking about joining the band in fall, may participate in the summer marching trimester.

Thinking about Marching?

As soon as you begin to consider joining, you should contact the director. She will call you at her earliest convenience. Include your name and phone with best time to call, student’s name, age and musical experience along with each instrument and number of years played. Requirements for musicians and non-musicians follow.

Experienced, home-schooled musicians, elementary through high school age, are eligible to march with the WSHSB. All must have at least one school year of instruction on their instrument and be at a one-year proficiency level as judged by the director. Demonstration of proficiency may be required for those brand new to the band. Well-disciplined and similarly experienced, non-home-schooled students as well as adult musicians are also encouraged and welcome to join. All musicians, new to the WSHSB, will need to attend the preliminary marching practice on May 25, 2017, which is also the registration deadline.


The Patriot Auxiliary is for non-musicians. Adults who march in the parade(s), Little Patriots and student guards, all wear the Dress Code black and white as well as the marching hat. The Patriot Auxiliary includes –

1. Adults willing to help with the marching band as needed, including but not limited to:  
                  •  Flag bearers
                       •  Cummerbund distribution/collection
                  •  Water team                        •  Shuttle driver(s) to/from parade drop off
                  •  Little Patriot chaperones    •  Support vehicle driver
2. Little Patriots – Younger siblings of marchers who march behind the band. Little Patriots is separate
    and NOT part of the Guard Unit.
3. Non-musician students as guards -the limited number of these positions will be filled after try-outs at Pre-Camp on 6/16. Non-musician students interested in trying out for the limited number of guard positions must notify the director in person or via email prior to the first  Pre-Camp date, June 14, 2017 or preferably by indicating such on the registration form.

Contact the director if you have conflicts with any points below. She will handle case by case.
      • NEW COMITTMENT FOR 2017 - All participants must march a minimum of 2 parades.
                                   See the
VERY IMPORTANT message after these points.
      • All marching musicians and guard unit candidates are expected to participate in a preliminary
        marching practice on May 25.

      • All student marchers MUST attend the entire week of Marching Camp (June 19 to 23) to
        learn/review their own skills, and assist with new member training and development for the season.
      • It is mandatory for first-time marchers to attend Pre-Camp on June 14 AND the entire week of
        Marching Camp (June 19 to 23).
      • Those trying-out for the guard unit MUST attend Pre-Camp on both June 14 and 16 as well as the
        entire week of Marching Camp (June 19 to 23).
      • Percussionists and director approved, rank leaders must attend their respective Pre-Camp day as
        well as the entire week of Marching Camp (June 19 to 23).
      • Adults are welcome and encouraged to attend Marching Camp if their schedule allows for it.

VERY IMPORTANT - If you are unsure or anticipate the possibility that you may need to cancel on a parade date or dates, it is better not to sign-up for any questionable dates. Rather, if you find you become available for a parade call Mrs. Borow the week before the parade and she will let you know if she can fit you in the block. Fitting someone in is far more preferable than dealing with a cancellation and having a hole in the block.

Regarding Marching Camp:
Be sure to eat, especially some protein, before coming to camp

Location of Marching Camp
For all camp days we will be meeting at the DuPage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton (east of County Farm Road and north of Manchester Road) near the Home Ec. building. 
Enter via gate S7, the east-most gate/entrance. The director will be at the fairgrounds by around 8:30am every day, rain or shine.

Prompt Pick-up Please
Please be on time to pick-up your students at noon. Be considerate of the director's time, as she must wait until all students are picked-up.

Camp Dates and Descriptions

NOTICE: You must attend each FULL camp day, from 9 to 12pm, which you
              are required to attend. No one may leave ANY camp day early
                without the prior knowledge and permission of the director.

Pre-Camps - i.e. special camps - 9am to 12pm each day

14 - Wednesday NEWCOMERS - Any student/adult totally new to marching or others as listed below. This Pre-Camp day will provide the following groups with a very basic introduction to WSHSB marching and will prepare them for the full marching camp the following week.
         • Current Cadets, Junior, Senior and Symphonic members (wind or percussion) completing their
           first year with the WSHSB and wishing to join us for marching this summer.
         • Other students who've completed  at least one (1) year of prior wind or percussion instruction
           elsewhere, but want to join WSHSB marching band this summer.

         • Non-musician students wishing to try out for the guard unit at Pre-Camp on Friday, June 16.
         • Students who want to review their basic marching skills.
         • Adult helpers who would like a basic one-day primer on WSHSB marching style.

15 - Thursday - PERCUSSION - All percussion, including new members
This special Pre-Camp day is mandatory for all percussionists who wish to be part of the WSHSB drum line this summer. Due to the additional responsibilities percussionists have in carrying equipment and continuously playing a cadence during parades, marching style and technique can slip. This Pre-Camp day will be dedicated to the review, drill and improvement of basic marching skills for percussionists. The objective will be to improve the overall marching style of the drum line. Individual and rank form will be targeted, reviewed and improved. Neither cadences nor equipment, other than drum sticks, will be used on this Pre-Camp day. Cadences and marching with equipment will be practiced during the regular week of FULL Marching Camp, June 19-23, as the drum line continues to improve their performance as well as support the band.

16 - Friday - RANK LEADERS - 1) Director approved rank leaders and 2) any (non-musician) students who wish to try out for one of the limited number of guard positions. All those interested in being a rank leader must also be available to attend this Friday Pre-Camp. The director will notify those who have been approved prior to the 6/16 Pre-Camp.  Decisions will also be made about who will fill the limited number of guard positions where non-musician students have the privilege of marching in front of the band.

Important work with these two separate groups will take place on this date as follows:
Those pre-appointed as rank leaders will review and drill basic marching skills, stationary and marching commands. The director will prepare students with the special skills necessary as rank leaders. 

Those interested in auditioning for student guard positions must attend this Pre-Camp day and have notified the director as described in "Thinking About Marching?" (second paragraph at the top of the page). Students will be led through a basic drill sequence and will be selected based on their ability to carry out WSHSB marching commands correctly, their overall marching accuracy and formality of their style.

Full Marching Camp
June 19 – 23, Monday through Friday - 9am to 12pm each day
at DuPage County Fair Grounds

Forms, Fees and More
Every marcher, student and adult, wears a hat supplied by the band. There is a $20 fine for non-returned hats. Laundered hats must be returned, or the $20 fine paid, at the September Overview and Orientation meeting. Non-WSHSB members may simply return their unwashed hat at their last parade.

Those renting instruments from the band must also complete a WSHSB Instrument Rental Agreement, and pay a $40 rental fee for the summer trimester along with your registration.

Links to the 2017 Summer Marching Registration Form and WSHSB Instrument Rental Agreement are on Forms/Documents. Student and adult musicians, as well as color guards, need to print and complete a 2017 Summer Marching Registration Form.
Current drum line percussionist registrations are due two weeks earlier than the winds. There is not time to mail it. Bring it to band on April 6, 2017.
Current wind players must mail their registration with sufficient time to arrive, or deliver in person, by April 20, 2017.
Important for those new to WSHSB - registration deadline is May 25, 2017. New people need to contact the director, as soon as possible, and mail their check and form to the address stated on the form. If there is not sufficient time for mailing, as long as you have already contacted the director and she knows to expect you, you may bring your check and form to the preliminary marching practice on May 25, 2017.

BOOSTERS - Due to the size and demands of our band program we have a required volunteer system. For the marching trimester, one parent from every family is required to 1. Sign-up for at least 2 Booster positions/slots for the marching trimester in which their student(s) is/are participating AND 2. Indicate that information on the registration form. For volunteer job descriptions and the link to the WSHSB job sign-up site, see our Booster webpage.
WSHSB 2017 Summer Marching Booster Jobs to be released on April 3 at 7pm.

sign-up is mandatory. Simply filling in a job on the form does not fulfill the ONLINE sign-up requirement. Jobs are first come first served. Jobs remain open until online sign-up is completed.
You must do BOTH point A and B

        A. Enter your name on the WSHSB Online Sign-up Schedule for the job(s)
you are committing to do.
        B. In the Booster section of the Registration form you will need to initial that online sign-up has been
            completed and state the date/s and positions for which you volunteered.

                    No check(s) will be accepted without the completed form(s) and vice-versa

All musicians will need their instrument, a lyre and flip-folder and all distributed music, reduced as necessary. Bring a water bottle, a hat for sun protection and a poncho in case of rain. We will still march outside in a light drizzle. Optional: bring balls, gloves, Frisbees, etc. for break-time at camp.

Returning Band Property
Cummerbunds are distributed prior to and returned after every parade.
Percussion equipment, marching music and
laundered hats are to be returned at the Overview and Orientation meeting in mid-September. Other arrangements will be made for those not returning to band in the fall.

Dressing for Marching Camp
There are to be no short-shorts, and no low-cut, skimpy or tight-fitting tank tops worn to camp. There should be no bare midriffs or shoulders. Everyone must wear good shoes that cover and support your feet, no sandals or flip-flops.

Marching Dress Code for Parades/Events
This dress codes applies to ALL who march with the WSHSB, students and adults; band members, Patriot Auxiliary, Little Patriots, Guard Unit, etc.
(WSHSB has pants available for lending, if needed. Please contact director.)

White, woven, short-sleeved, button-down dress shirt with pointed collar. No rolled-up long sleeves or sleeveless shirts. Shirt must be long enough to be tucked-in. No exposed midriff. Only the collar/top button may be undone.
No knits, pullovers, t-shirts, turtlenecks, mocks, blouses with ruffles or puffed sleeves, nor tight-fitting shirts will be allowed. No satiny, shiny or sheer material.
Only solid white or flesh-tone undergarments to be worn under dress shirts.

ATTENTION: Due to the changing fads in women's pants towards revealing, form-fitting leggings, the marching dress code is being changed to be more specific: Both men and women are now officially required to wear “trouser-style” dress pants. Parents, please help us maintain a military, uniform look to our band by providing the proper style pants for your children. Also remember that the band has black pants you can borrow.

Black conservative “trouser-style” dress pants. No tight-fitting, denim/jeans, low-rise, or Capri-style pants.
Girls have the option of wearing a conservative, modest, below the knee or longer skirt, with only small slits if necessary. No denim or leather. See more information regarding skirts at the end of this list.

Solid black dress socks. (Girls wearing skirts for marching must wear black nylons, not flesh-tone.)
Black leather shoes of a conservative style with a low heel and sole. Shoes must be solid black with no other colors and must cover the front, sides and heel of the foot. If shoes are laced, laces must be black. No open toes, sandals, boots, flip-flops or clogs/mules.

Red cummerbunds are provided by the band at every parade and are to be returned immediately after the parade. Marching hats are provided by the band for the trimester and are to be returned at the fall Orientation and Overview meeting. Other arrangements will be made for hats from those not returning to band in the fall.

Award medals must be pinned on the red award ribbon, which is worn on the left side of the shirt.
Jewelry should be limited to a wristwatch, small rings (so they cannot be seen by the crowd), and small earrings (less than one-half inch in diameter). Boys are not allowed to wear earrings.

Any hair accessories such as barrettes or headbands may be solid red or white, or must match the student���s hair color.
Please, no outstanding makeup, nail colors, hairstyles, or trendy fashions that attract attention to a student’s appearance over that of the band as a whole. No unnatural shade of hair color.

Remain in parade dress after the parade. That means shirts are to stay on, buttoned-up and tucked-in until you leave the event.

Regarding Skirts
Some have expressed difficulty in finding longer length skirts for girls to wear at concerts and parades.  Here are three links to websites that carry concert dress items. Please use your own judgment as to which site to use or do a search for other concert dress sites.
Formal Fashions Inc. This site has become a favorite for the director. They offer modest fashions good for anytime, reasonable prices, good fit and excellent customer service.
E C Benson Concert Wear/Equipment - Welcome

Band Mart Accessories

Regarding Shoes
Some have asked about where to obtain comfortable, leather shoes for marching. Simply entering "marching shoes" in a search engine will give many resources. One style used by the director and her family, and which seem to last forever is the Speedster/Drillmasters style. They cost around twenty dollars a pair and are available on many websites. Here is one example Speedsters Marching Band Shoes.

The band director reserves the right to deny students participation in a performance due to inappropriate dress.

Click here for the Marching Commands - Detailed Chart. The Detailed Chart spells out all the Stationary and Moving Commands for marching including details on what and how to move.

Click here for the Marching Commands - Summary. The Summary is a condensed version of the chart above with only the commands, whistles and verbal responses.

Weather is beyond the control of the director.

If you are uncomfortable with the arrangements described below it would be better if you kept your child home that day or picked them up early from the fairgrounds (in the case of marching camp).

At marching camp we are very limited beyond anything but basic shelter from rain. In that sheltered space there is ample room to continue with that day's work which can still be productive.

For parades, the director will always be present at each parade for those who decide to attend. If rain is predicted, those marching should bring a clear poncho. Inexpensive ones can be purchased at places like Target or Wal-Mart.

Ultimately, you the parent are responsible and must decide whether or not your child attends marching camp that day or participates in a parade if weather is threatening or predicted as such.

The following dates are for the WSHSB Patriots' 2017 Summer Marching trimester.

May 25 - Return of Concert band music and equipment, Marching Music and Hat Distribution, Preliminary Marching Practice
Location - Cornelius Hall at Resurrection Parish, Wayne, IL (NW corner of Rt. 59 & Army Trail Rd)
Time - 6pm for current members, 7:15pm for new members

Bring instrument, lyre and flip-folder.

Note to new people - You may not just "show-up" to practice on May 25. We need to be prepared with your music and hat. You must have contacted the director prior to that day. A registration form accompanied by payment, should have been mailed earlier or may be brought that night.

MANDATORY Pre-Camps, i.e. Special Camps, June 14, 15, 16
(details under Camp Dates above)
Location - DuPage County Fairgrounds (just east of County Farm Rd. and Manchester Rd.)
Time - 9am to 12pm, daily.  See complete details for June 15, 16, 17 described above.

Full Marching Camp, June 19-23 (details under Camp Dates above)
Location – DuPage County Fairgrounds (just east of County Farm Rd. and Manchester Rd.)
Time - 9am to 12pm, daily

****The following parade dates are anticipated but not yet confirmed.****
      Links to parade instructions, routes, etc. will be activated closer to parade.
Geneva Swedish Days, June 25, Sunday afternoon parade in Geneva

Check-in 12:00 noon -
2017 Swedish Days Parade Instructions

2017 Swedish Days Parade Map with Drop-Off Areas
2017 Swedish Days Parade Map with Restrooms

Warrenville Independence Eve Parade, July 3, Monday evening in Warrenville
Check-in  5pm  -

2017 Warrenville Parade Instructions

2017 Warrenville Staging
2017 Warrenville Parade Route  

West Chicago Railroad Days, July 9, Sunday afternoon parade in West Chicago
Check-in 12:00 noon -
2017 West Chicago Parade Instructions

2017 West Chicago Staging/Line-up and Parade Route

DuPage County Fair, Grand Opening, July 26, Wednesday parade at Fair Grounds
Check-in 2:45pm -
2017 DuPage County Fair Parade Instructions
DuPage County Fairgrounds Map

Streamwood Summer Celebration, July 29, Saturday morning parade in Streamwood
Check-in 9:30am -
2017 Streamwood Parade Instructions  
2017 Streamwood Parade Map


IMPORTANT!!! Current band members who play wind instruments, with the exception of double reeds, are expected to play their wind instrument for marching. You may not opt for the guard unit. Double reed players planning on marching need to discuss possible options with director. The director will make all decisions regarding instrument and section needs in the marching band.

All participating WSHSB members, must complete a Summer Marching Registration form (found on our Forms/Documents webpage), which includes parent Booster hours. (Marching trimester Booster volunteer jobs will be released 4/3 at 7pm.)
Drum line percussion registrations are due on 4/6, two weeks before the winds registrations which are due on 4/20. Return the form with any applicable summer rental forms and fees. Returned forms are what we use to distribute music. If you expect to get music you must submit the appropriate form(s) and fees.

The link to the WSHSB Instrument Rental Agreement is also on Forms/Documents. Those renting instruments from the band must complete a rental agreement and pay the rental fee for the summer trimester along with your registration.

              Make one check for total amount payable to “West Suburban Home School Band

                  No check(s) will be accepted without the completed form(s) and vice-versa.

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